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What is a mouth guard all about?

A Night guard provides protection to teeth from clenching or grinding, also called Bruxism.

Dentists readily evaluate patients during a regular dental check up, which can show wearing down of teeth requiring a mouth guard.

It is then; the dentist will often prescribe a night guard or day guard to help resolve that condition.

Most clenching and grinding of the teeth is done at night, however a mouth guard can be worn all the time. 

NightGuardLab highlights:

1. NightGuardLab gives people an at home, complete service.

2. NightGuardlLab includes an easy to follow step by step guide.

This kit is purchased online and precise directions for impressions of the teeth in the mouth are included. 

3. Assorted kinds of night and day mouth guards are offered to customers.

4. Day and night mouth guards reduce teeth grinding which are professionally made by trained, skilled technicians .

Lab manufactured mouth guards permit better sleep and in some cases cure insomnia.

5. 24 hour 7 days a week service available to customers.

6. United States, Atlanta, Georgia based company.

7. Doctor Berberian is founder and CEO

 Check this Internet website for more information:

Reasons for a night guard or a day guard:

Patients who suffer from TMJ, headaches, earaches, broken teeth and annoying teeth grinding to bed partners are ones who can

benefit from a personal mouth guard. 

Teeth grinding is not a serious problem until teeth need expensive dental work that can be avoided by wearing a night guard or day


NightGuardLab: What makes it different?
Why purchase NightGuardLab products?

1. NightGuardLab replaces a dentist visit with highly professional assistance, which is a huge saving of money, as much as $800 in some cases. Call your dentist to inquire about the cost of one night guard for comparison pricing.

2. The easy to follow instructions to obtain an impression of the bite makes the mouth guard an exact fit. This is not a one size fits all mouth guard.

3.  A Personal mouth guard can be adjusted within 30 days for complete satisfaction. A well fitting mouth guard is one that does not restrict breathing or speech. Your day or night mouth guard purchased here is guaranteed to be an excellent purchasing choice.

4. This horseshoe fit covers all of the teeth of the upper or lower jaw, pin pointing a stark difference between many other partial mouth guards.

5.  20% discount on mouth guards when impressions are supplied from other sources. This is a mail-in offer since it cannot be negotiated online.

6.  Internet discount coupon code 15night is given on NightGuardLab for severe teeth grinding night guard.

7.  Competitve prices begin at $54.99 with savings on additional guards purchased with your order.

8.  Superior customer satisfaction, FDA approved, comfortable mouth guards sold. An effective mouth guard should be comfortable. resist tears, be durable and easy to keep clean. NightGuardLab sells this kind of mouth guard. 

9.  Accepts: Discover card, American Express, Mastercard, Visa credit cards and Paypal too.

10.Affiliate program allows online individuals to join free and earn 15% of each sale that is generated by partnership with a ShareASale membership.

 Easy access to start earning with simple computer instructions. Go to http://www.nightguardlab to start saving and earning too. 

NightGuardLab vs. primary competitors (sites similar to NightGuardLab)

Comparison shopper's guide:

 Customers look for daytime and night time mouth guards for various tooth grinding and clenching reasons.

1. Daytime and night time guard selections are not available at grindguardn as NightGuardlab offers. 

Note this night guard only rests on the front teeth, unlike NightGuardLab covering entire jaw.

The base price of grindguardn is more than that of the basic price of a NightGuardLab mouth guard.

Water heating instructions and fitting tips for teeth guards are included in package.

Teeth guards can be readjusted as many times as needed by reheating water and shaping in the mouth. 

Grindguardn supplies customers with a 30 day money back guarantee which is offered by NightGuardLab also.

More info here:

2. Doctor's Nightguard prices vary and are not always available for purchase due to lack of supplies.

NightGuardLab is dependable for customers along with secure, reasonable prices.

Doctor's Nightguard is packaged in a blister package with instructions included.

Mouth guards are available in some stores and online at: , and

3. mentions comfort with adjustable fitting with 3mm thickness material.

Feedback on site states patient was able to chew through after one month. 

Please view: 

Available at limited times and prices may vary.

Shipping could be added to cost at checkout.

Product found at , , and

NightGuardLab strives for customer satisfaction or your money back in 30 days. Night guards and day guards are their business.

4. Teethnightguard is a Brown Deer WI based company offering dual laminate.120" which has a lifespan of 2 to 5 plus years .

Another night guard is Soft .120" strength.

The Ultra thin hard acrylic .040" night guard has a lifespan of 2 to 5 years.

Visit for feedback from customers.

NightGuardLab sells quality night and day guards that have repeat business because of customer satisfaction.

Read the testimonials on Internet website: from completely satisfied customers.

5. Totalgard produces a one size fits all mouth guard with trim to fit instructions.

This is unlike the personalized, lab created mouth guards at NightGuardLab. 

Totalgard Comes with carrying case and fitting instructions.

The mouth guards are BPA and Phthalate free which are true statements of NightGuardLab products as well.

Most patients have reported a 1 year use for heavy grinders.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Totalgard was designed by Dr. James Bancroft an orthodontist and can be used on upper or

lower teeth.

One size fits all and customers can trim with scissors for custom fit. For more complete information please view:

NightGuardLab: Pricing & packages

Price reflections:

NightGuardLab gives patients looking for a mouth guard several purchase price options.

1. $ 54.99 is the price for light to moderate night time teeth grinding. This is a very flexible and durable night guard. 

2. Slimline TM Soft is a very thin day time guard which is $89.99.

3. Combination two pack of one soft night guard and one slimline TM soft day guard for light to moderate clenching habits for $116.02.

4. Dual laminate rigid night guard which is hard acrylic on the outer part and soft inside for light to moderate teeth grinding and

clenching price: $104.99. Laminate is another word for layering of materials.

5. Slimline TM dual laminate day guard can tolerate light to moderate grinding and clenching priced at $134.99.

6. Dual laminate night guard and Slimline TM dual laminate day guard combo pack is designed for light to moderate grinding and teeth

clenching habits with a cost of $192.09.

7. The hard acrylic is on the inside and outside for heavy to moderate teeth grinding designed for night time use with a cost of $124.99.

8. Day time slimline, hard acrylic designed for moderate to heavy teeth grinding with teens and adults in mind for this mouth

guard manufacturing product priced at $154.99.

9. Combo night guard and day guard for moderate to heavy teeth grinding and clenching habits offered at $223.99.

Grind guardn offers a night guard for $69.00 perhaps only lasting one month as stated at online feedback.

Doctor's Nightguard doctor's Nightguard website price is $29.99 touts advanced mouth comfort.

Directions and night guard are in blister pack sealed for customer protection.

This is also available at free shipping over $25 order.

Available at: prices begin at $15.95 with free shipping and Internet Coupon Code at checkout.

Sleeprightdura is sold by many online stores with prices from $47.95.

Six month replacement is offered by a benefit rarely offered by day or night guard manufacturers making

this a consideration in purchasing the product.

Teethnightguard offer the stone teeth impressions when customer sends a request with an order for day or night guards.

Prices range from $54.99 to $119.99.

The teeth guards come in a case, are custom made in a lab in three categories for clenching and teeth grinding.

Totalgard is the maker of StressGard 1 and StressGard 11.

Prices range from $10.95 to $24.95 including carrying case and recommended fitting instructions for these one size fits all teeth guard products. 

Internet questions can be answered on their website:  

NightGuardLab: Product images & screenshots
NightGuardLab Coupons
Get $15 Off Order @ NightGuardLab
NightGuardLab: Customer reviews & comments

Customer feedback from NightGuardLab:

Customers who have made a purchase from NightGuardLab voice positive feedback in many areas.

1. Patients were easily instructed how to take an impression for the night guard or day guard products.

2. 20% off, down loadable coupon online when molds are already done.

3. Mouth guards fit well and patients were adapting easily to their use.

4. Delivery of kit was prompt and accurrate according to the website including pre-paid and addressed packaging provided.

5. Ortho clean solution and teeth whitening product available for purchase with night guards.

6. Color choice of the case for the guard was an important selling point for some customers.

7. Price was reasonable for quality mouth guards.

8. Confidence because NightGuardLab is certified by The National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)

9. Online 10% discount coupon code cuts costs even further for mouth guards. Check  dated May 1,2011

Best Available NightGuardLab Coupon:
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Comments (24)

Excellent presentation.

I have always been curious about this product and products like these. Well done Ms. Baxter!

Great information and timely for me because my daughter grind her teeth and has trouble with her jaw popping out. I'm sharing it with her. :)

Ranked #6 in

This is an excellent review of the NightGuardLab and mouth guard. My daughter grinds her teeth and I would like her to read this.

Excellent review about dental issue.

Good information about this product in this well written review.

Another excellent article. Very well researched with an excellent review about this product. Well done.

Perfect review Roberta. nice, sharp, and to the point, excellent.

WOW! What great information you've given here. Everything we would ever need to know in making a decision about nightguardlab, and SO easy to read. Surely NightGuardLab will pick this one up for their readers. I feel so informed about a product that I new absolutely nothing about. Where to get a coupon too! Thanks Roberta, you never do anything half way.

Great article with lots of info!

well done

Another excellent product review. Keep up the writing spirit, Rob.

Jenny Heart

This information I'm passing on to a family member of mine. Thanks for sharing this great information.

Thanks for your detailed review on this product. I learnt some useful info here.

You have truly done your homework on mouth guards. Thanks so much for presenting such a clear written review.

This is honestly one of the best reviews that I have come across.

WOW, this is so great; interesting you wrote about this. I was trying to get more info on it - excellent post!

What a wonderful presentation, very fully thought-out. I don't think I grind my teeth much, very occasionally at night but very, very rarely. If that increases, I know where to go. A truly excellent article, Roberta :D

Nice post, very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Wow that's a really thorough review!

Brilliant written and researched!

Excellent review!

liked +s tweeted

I need one of these NightGuards as I wear a CPAP machine for sleep and it causes a vacuum effect which makes me lock down my jaw and grind my teeth. I Buzzed this up for you

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